Men’s Dunlop Half Length Wellington Boot

These pair of Dunlop men’s boots is meant for hard work and suits any type of rugged environment. It comes in different colours mostly with a touch of green and black suggesting a rough outlook with some dark colour combinations. It always nice to have a pair of Dunlop Men’s boots by you to be eveready to work in any type of rough condition regardless of your age. Though it gives a pretty rough look from the exterior, it is actually made to provide great comfort to the wearer. The inner cushion of the boot is made of cotton ensuring a comfortable ride.

This pair of boot features PVC cleated sole unit providing great flexibility and durability. The gum rubber sole too assures great durability. Every step you take will be a memorable one with the gum rubber sole.

The heel of this particular pair of boots is 23mm high which is a great ground clearance level for a pair of boot. The exterior of the boot is crafted with the finest rubber assuring great durability and suitability for any type of tough working condition. The block heel enables the user to walk and discover any type of land.

This pair of boots would be great for wide calves. The slip-on closure mechanism is really convenient where you could just slip in your feet to this pair of boots very fats. The material compositions of this boots are a blend of PVC and rubber for the exterior and cotton for the interior.